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About me

A little bit 


Growing up in Tipperary with my Dad, a chef, and my mother, a personal trainer, my two brothers and I learned about the importance of nutrition and exercise from a very young age. Being exposed to a wide variety of sports as a child, my passion and curiosity for health and fitness grew.


After completing a bachelor’s degree in Public Health at University College Cork, I moved to Dublin to do a Masters by Research on health and well-being, followed by a PhD on Physical Activity at Dublin City University. 


I’ve published research articles and have presented at both national and international conferences, including a keynote speech at the European Public Health Conference in 2019. 


Alongside my studies, I achieved a Diploma in Personal Training from Litton Lane Training.


I now want to empower, motivate and share the knowledge I have gained over the past decade to help others.

My qualifications

· PhD in Public Health (and Physical Activity)

· Master of Science (MSc) by Research

· Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Public Health

· Diploma in Personal Training (ITEC EQF Level 4)

· Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity (ITEC EQF4)

· Certificate in Fitness Instruction (ITEC EQF3)

· Certificate in Group Instruction (ITEC EQF3)

· Certificate in Strength and Conditioning (ITEC EQF3)




A good education is a foundation for a better future. I provide my clients with the evidence-based knowledge and skills necessary to make immediate and sustainable changes to their exercise and nutritional habits that can have a profound impact on their health.

I promote a well-balanced lifestyle and value the importance of using a holistic approach to improve overall health and well-being.


Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, attitude and your mood. I aspire to empower, energise and encourage each of my clients to ensure that they enjoy being active and realise their inner potential. I want my clients to feel confident, excited and motivated to train!


Honesty, Integrity & Respect

Open, honest communication and treating one another with respect are essential to any relationship. I also understand that every individual is different, so I tailor my advice and programmes to each client based on their own needs. Setting goals is the first step and I can help support you with this.


The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

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